Thursday, July 26, 2012

I have forgotten about this blog, when I have started this blog and why? and why again back to this blog ? Prevailing time and current mental state of a man are the reasons. When nobody interested to understand you and you want to express your feeling what you would do?  You can share with your loved one or you can express your views in writing somewhere, I am following the second option

Discrimination is the word that I hate the most. When it happens with you, you are forced with retrospect yourself. I do retrospect almost three to four times in a week. Then a sudden question pop up in my mind ‘I don’t deserve any descrimination in any way”. Then why some people do that?

I have tried my best to find the answer of this question. Most of times I found that it happen naturally. In other word they do it without thinking seriously that some of their actions can hurt somebody else. For example, you have a very old friend say X, you both have enjoyed good time in past. But now a days your friend X have another friend say Y, Y is very charming and intelligent. Your friend X is quiet impressed with Y and sharing good time. On the other hand you have equally good relation with Y too. But your old friend X is overlooking you, not listening to you or even not replying your queries. But if the same query done by Y, X is responding. This situation is very painful for any person like you.

I would suggest all to pay attention to all your friend equally regardless of their sex, external looks or social status. Otherwise it creates an irreversible wound in heart and long lasting negative effects.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday - How to star your week with interest

Monday, generally known as week’s starting day. For many people it is like a nuisance as again load of works, same people, same routine, same lunch time and go to home & prepare for next day. Even I feel this lot of time in my life. What to do to start your week with fresh enthusiasm. I have tried to concentrate mind not on my regular work but on something else like uploading new photos to my sites, writing mail to an old friend etc etc. I have given priority to these type of work, and it worked very well for me. After finishing these small works, my mind gets fresh and prepare to take over routine works with interest. I hope the above trick may be also useful for others.

Now a days I am looking for a job for my friend. He thinks that he has good interest and writing skill but unfortunately he is not working in his interested field. I am also agreeing with him. His current job is not so productive for him, he want to do some creative work for him and earn money.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holi - A Festival Of Joy And Excitements

Holi festival in India is a festival of joy & excitements. It is totally enjoyable festival all the day with colors and vermilion. There are number of stories about this festival from that point this festival started. As for my knowledge Prahlad, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, was force to sit in fire with his Auntie Holika( His Father’s sister) . Holika had the boon that there wouldn’t any effect of fire on her. He was forced to sit in fire by his father who assumed himself as god & hate Lord Vishnu. But by the grace of Lord Vishnu, Holika burnt in the instead of Prahlad. Here it was the firm believes of Prahlad in the Almighty that saved him from fire. That is why even today everywhere Holika dahan is celebrated in the memory of Prahalad and his devotedness

Another story is about Lord Hanuman. In our hindu Indian culture, every married women supposed to mark her forehead with vermilion. It is said that this helps to keep their husband long life and healthy. Once Lord Hanuman also asked Goddess Sita about this. Goddess Sita replied him that by doing this Lord Rama would get a long and healthy life. In order to keep his Lord long life Hanuman plunged himself in vermilion. From that day onwards people start to celebrate this festival.

As it was a national holiday here. I have also celebrated with my family and friends with lot of colors and different types foods and drinks ;). Unlike previous year, I took precaution about my drinks and enjoyed myself.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday - Boreday

Why god made this day..I mean Friday ? . It is so boring day. I m just waiting to finish duty hour and go to home. I have lot of work here but my mind and body is not ready to start today. My lot of friends have left the job hoping to get more money. It also making me disappointed. I am missing them a lot.

While searching some interesting things on net I found one blog calling itself Health Care Tips It looks likes a very new blog but giving excellent information for those who are health conscious. I am also a little bit health conscious but not too serious of giving time to read such long blogs. But the information they are providing are really to use at home in the time of had health. I have noted down some information in my notepad. At least it helped to reduce some boredom of today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proud Indian But Hate The System

Many times in a day I think about my country India. As a proud Indian I think root cause problems about Indian societies, public life, various services rendered to public. There are number of thing about India that make me proud like its golden history, arts & culture, natural resources, talents etc. etc. What I hate in India are politicians, booming population, poverty, unemployment & cast system

Reservation in job & Education is the worst system in India. To develop and prosperous any country need talent & capabilities. Talents and capabilities do not require any kind of reservation, it would flourish naturally. If our youth are not getting the opportunities only because of financial crisis then govt. must help them by the mean of financial support rather than providing reservation system. It is time now to abolish all kind of reservation & to start a new era of open competition to discover hidden but real talents in our country.

I can see the lack of educational infrastructure in remote area of India is the main cause of population. Every adult in Indian should know the negative impact of high population. For that, education is must for everybody. Though many educational programs are going on in all parts of country but it is slower than expected

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Marriage Anniversary Of Lord Shiva

It is very auspicious day for Hindu religion, as they celebrate the marriage of anniversary of Lord Shiva. He got married on this day with Parvati. Devotees offer Bela Patra(leaf) and Milk to Lord Shiva and observe fast whole day. I am also observing fast on this day from immemorial days of my time.

Although Lord Shiva is supposed to be the most handsome lord but his lifestyle and wearings are unique. He is easy to pleased and very innocent person. He can be found in meditation poses, his residence is known at Kailash at Himalayas mountain range.

I am an ardent devotee of one of his incarnation/form called Hanuman. I also keep myself on fast on every tuesday. I worship him because I can feel his presence around me. Whenever I have called him in my bad days he has helped me. I realized when I passed the problem. He guide me how to live with goodness. I can think about him all the times. I can't explain my lord hanuman in words, it is just a feeling through I would like to go all the time. I would like talk all the time about him if possible. He teaches, those who remember Lord Rama, He (Hanuman) as a devotee would come to help him, it is very interesting that even Lord Rama say so that if someone called Hanuman, Rama would come forward to help, so it is unique relationship between Lord Rama and his devotee Hanuman.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Uh..the last 3-4 days was so busy with some work and weekend. Finally my boss distributed the expected work among my colleagues...feeling some excitement with new work.

Oscar award !! many Indians waiting for the final touch of this function, because one of film related to India has been nominated for the award. Best wishes for them!
But I think award should not be everything for a film.

I like Mr. AR Rahman's music, he is really amazing. His music certainly have different shades in comparison with other indian music directors. I liked his music in 'Rangeela' and also Slumdog Millionaire, specially 'Jai Ho...', this song rocking in India. Anyway if he win a award, it would be great achievement for him as well as for indian film industry also. Here, it is called Luck, there are so many great indian music directors in past who are not less than AR in any way, why only AR Rahman so far ?

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